Fingerstyle is a beautiful addition to your ukulele playing. Covering the basics thoroughly will make progress fast, effective and fun.

Take these lessons here with me, with a step-by-step guide to avoid the common pitfalls when starting out with fingerpicking.

Hi, I’m Di

I have been teaching ukulele for many years and have always enjoyed helping players introduce this lovely texture to their toolbox. My goal as a tutor is to get you using new skills as quickly as possible, and show you how to apply a little bit of knowledge to a lot of music!

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Experienced Tutor
Professional Musician

I am a performer and player in my own right as well as an experienced and qualified tutor.

A Beautiful Style

Fingerpicking sounds gorgeous on the ukulele and will elevate many songs to a new level.

All Ages

This course content is suitable for learners of all ages.